10 Rules you should not avoid for Kitchen Renovation in Perth

10 Rules you should not avoid for Kitchen Renovation in Perth

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It’s a huge work if you think for kitchen renovations Perth or anywhere else, but we all love our home very much with all its belongings. When we buy a home, expectations of that time are different from the expectations after passing the time. Also, we want our home environment to have trendy local styles. So, while you will work on the renovation then you can find the experts in your local area and make a plan.


In this article, you can find out the necessary steps before starting your project. How to make a plan, what need to look after, how much does kitchen renovation cost etc. All information is based on your local environment and preference in Perth. Don’t hesitate to look thoroughly. You’ll never regret it, I swear!


So this is so important to arrange our kitchen correctly. There are a lot of best kitchen designs from which you can decide on the kitchen style. However, it is a luxury kitchen renovation or a modern kitchen.

But, first of all you need to take some preparation to get the job done right. Here they are,

10 most important rules for kitchen renovation

  1. Plan – Many kitchen remodeling projects end up in a disappointing situation because of an improper plan. Their expenses become the loss projects. There is only one reason behind that is; “An Effective Plan.” Which contains a clear vision about your desired goals with your budget limit.

Perth people are very much aware of their planning. Now, have a short look at the steps you need to take in like others,

    • See your present kitchen. The common mistake is not measuring the space, passage, window, doorways properly. Without measuring these, it may not fit the new fittings accurately. You need to check the width and height of existing furniture and doors, walkways, counters, windows etc.
    • Wide space for cooking. You need a minimum of 42 inches wide and at least 48 inches for cooking. So, you can handle multiple cooks at a time easily. Keep that in your plan.
    • User-friendly workspace. Need to install drawers or pull-out doors in base cabinets. Adjustable countertop heights and even a wall oven will be better to get more space. These features will make your kitchen more accessible to everyone. Include these in your plan.
    • Seeking help is the best way. It will be a great decision to take help from the experts instead of doing by yourself. Make a list of your nearest experts to get a reasonable quote for your kitchen renovation. Perth kitchen designers are there to sort out this for you always.
  1. Appliances – In a kitchen, there are a lot of things needed. Before listing those materials/furniture, you should ask yourself which is most important. As per previous experience, you might know about the problems. Maybe, it is about too little place to cook or store food or dishware. Check the condition of the existing appliances, old or not?

Start with the cupboards and kitchen layout so that you can choose the exact appliances. Lastly, seal the list with finishing works like tiles, countertops, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

  1. Keep the same structure – While thinking of the renovation, you should consider your old design too. Among all kitchen renovation ideas, this is the best to keep the old one. It will help you to reduce the cost of remodeling and the time of being settled. You can stick to your previous structure and change other things around it. The new-look will be very touchy. Believe me!
  2. Add storage or space – Storage keeps more things in it and very suitable for a large kitchen. Open space makes the room bright and airy. And, it is more convenient for a small kitchen room. The open shelves are also very accessible to handle dishes, glasses, and other things. So, look at your kitchen and decide what you can keep.
  3. Light placement – In the modern kitchen, lighting is an important issue to consider. Why? These days, people usually live in an apartment which does not have enough space for a kitchen. Most of the time, they don’t get enough natural light. If you are having problems with a short place, you must ensure your lighting setup to brighten your kitchen. Luxury kitchen renovation ideas in Perth must have lighting ideas too. Perth people like the lighting very much. Don’t forget to check this.
  4. Enough cleaning space – What will happen, if you have not enough space for cleaning out your garbage or dishwashing? This will be a disaster for sure, you know! If the fire sets near the open shelves, you need to clean them all randomly because the oil and grease may cover them. So, the fire and sink should be fit away from this place. You need to think about the garbage and recycling space.
  5. Natural view – Modern kitchen designs have a natural look in all ways. You can use anything like wood, leather seating, wood-resin countertop, or indoor plants. It can be wooden floors or walls too. An interior designer once said, “wood warms up a temporary or modern kitchen.” Green plants will give you more natural feelings. A wide window will give you more energy to lighten up your mental health.
  6. Prepare home – “Oh! This is just messed up.” – we know this is what you will say during your kitchen rebuilding time. Well, we are not afraid to inform you of the tips to survive. While you are implementing the best kitchen designs in your cooking area. Following the tips, you can get through that time-
    • Temporary kitchen space is the best solution at this redecoration time. You need to eat ofcourse, so place your short-term kitchen somewhere like the garage, basement, or utility room. Don’t pack all things. You may not have the opportunity to do all tasks but for living, it will be the perfect solution.
    • Alternate storage using can help you to keep things in places. Plastic container, cardboard box is usable as the cabinets, drawers and spice holder.
    • For dust and construction materials other rooms must look as a field of dirt. You will need to clean every night before sleeping. So, covering the furniture with a big plastic wrapper will reduce your hard work.
  7. Finalizing budget – This is a big question, how much does kitchen renovation cost? Before getting the answer, you need to know the individual material cost and remodeling charge first. Your luxury kitchen renovation may cross your budget limit if you don’t estimate them early. Kitchen design cost, kitchen size, remodeling elements price such as kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, sink, stove etc are included in the budget list. Calculate the prices and final your estimated budget. In Perth, you can easily find the store of these materials.
  8. Take professional help – There are many kitchen renovation ideas all over the internet. Some of them are DIY projects. You can do your renovation with your own.This can be worse if you have no specific idea about the materials. You will find the professional and qualified Perth kitchen designer in the Houzz directory. Check through thousands of experts and their previous work in Perth. So, consult with an expert or call a construction agency and share your thoughts. They will fix the ideas in your dream kitchen.


Kitchen renovation must be a major work in the home. You need to prepare all types of stuff before starting the redecoration. You should track the work progress during decoration. Take photos of each step, write down the finished work in a list. Keep contact with your experts so that they will pay attention to do your work accurately.

If you follow the steps are mentioned above, then after finishing the renovation you must will say Kitchens is the heart of every home. This article contains information for Perth including other cities as well, we hope that this will help you a lot.

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