How to Clean Curtains Without Steam Cleaner?

How to Clean Curtains Without Steam Cleaner?

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The curtains are hangings placed on the windows of the house. They beautify the home décor and protects the external world. They give protection from heat, temperature changes, windy climate, rainfall, etc. They stand as a security barrier inside the house. The direct sun rays cannot enter the house directly. They first have to face curtains and then they get permission for entry. (curtain steam cleaning)

Above all, these hangings create a privacy factor between inside and outside. In this way, no one is capable of interfering with the privacy of internal house matters. But obviously, they serve a continuous purpose and get untidy by the air, dust particles that come from outside. These molecules settle on the surface of curtains and make them dusty and dull. Cleaning thus gets very essential. The curtain steam cleaning is the trendy procedure nowadays but you keep up curtains with other DIY hacks.

These home-made cleaning products also give extraordinary refurbishment solutions to your untidy curtains. Solutions are available if you search for it. If you don’t want to find the ways then hectic is all your concern. Healthy living demands a natty environment and that is dependent on the cleanliness of your belongings. The washing of curtains must be carried out according to schedules. It helps in producing fresh and clean air. The pure air is a guarantee of a safe living style.

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Tips for keeping up the hangings

The drapes absorb so many dust molecules that flow in the air. These particles stick to the surface of the curtain and make them gloomy and dull. The untidy looks to make them vulnerable and unappealing. It sounds like a mess. The appearance of anything represents its style and finishing. If unclean, it depicts your negligence in the maintenance field. There are so many short tips that serve best in daily cleaning. Below are given:

  • Remove the dust every day from the surface of the curtains. Use any brush or apply a vacuum machine. The vacuums give quick results as compare to simple brushing.
  • Follow the vacuum cleaning minimum thrice a week, for keeping up the curtains.
  • Give your curtains a deep cleaning every three months. Contact any nearby professional.
  • Steam clean your curtains two times a year. It helps in maintaining the looks and durability of drapes.
  • When doing a thorough cleaning at home keep in mind, not to over-wet your curtains. Less moisture helps in quick drying.
  • Sanitize the curtains regularly to disinfect the surfaces and eradicate the germ growth.
  • Evict the bad odors from curtains. Use any type of scented freshener over your curtains.

Curtain steam cleaning at home

The task of curtain cleaning gets convenient, if you plan out well and execute timely and properly. The in-time cleaning of households is helpful. It takes less time and saves energy too. On the other hand, if you pay less attention and clean them very often. Then, be ready for the hectic activity. It will take a long time and capture your energy a lot.

Take the initiative of cleaning method from preparing a good plan. Plan out the entire procedure, with every specification. Start by taking off the curtains from the rods. Take out a tour vacuum cleaner and apply it evenly over the whole curtain. It’s better to start from the top and go down, till clean deeply. The layer of dust and even the hidden allergens are easily picked up by these cleaners.

Now comes, evicting the dirty spots from the drapes. Normally, the curtain cleaning services apply steam technology for stain deletion. But in the home cleaning strategy, we will show the curtain cleaning without any application of hot steam.

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Homemade cleaning products

The preparation of such curtain steam cleaning products at home is quite easy. You don’t have to need many utensils for that. Take a vessel, add a measured quantity of vinegar. Almost, 2/3rd cup of it. Add baking soda of the same quantity and put the double quantity of water in it. Mix it completely with a beater.

Pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Apply this solution over the fabric of curtains extensively. Leave it for 45 minutes. Take a wet mopping cloth and clean the fabric. The acidic characteristic of vinegar will help in deleting the obnoxious stains and make the surface sparkling.

The colors of curtains fade with time. The light colors may get yellow or pale. To refresh their colors and appearance, apply hydrogen peroxide evenly, and let it absorb for one hour. After it, clean it with a moist cloth. You will see a regain of colors, brightness, and freshness.

You can even use a mixture of vinegar, detergent liquid, essential oil, and water. This also helps in producing a refurbishing effect on your dirty curtains.

Final step – Drying, Disinfection & odor treatment

Professional curtain steam cleaning usually uses high blower pumps to evacuate moisture but at homes, such machines are not affordable. Not to worry anymore, just take your hairdryers and apply. You will get a quick-drying effect. Apply any sanitizer, after complete moisture removal. In the end, give a light spray of air fresheners of good flavor.

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