How to Protect Laminate Flooring from Water Damage using Sealant

How to Protect Laminate Flooring from Water Damage using Sealant

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To lend that warm look and feel to your home interior designing, laminate wood floors are the best deal. You get the beauty of wood without going out of your budget. Not to forget, this type of floorboards are super easy to install. Quality laminate flooring accessories are available on the market to give a finishing touch and lend a seamless look to your home.

But there is one drawback of laminate flooring. Water can damage your floor if it’s not waterproof. The reason for this is that the laminate can soak up water easily because it is manufactured using MDF substrates.

Over time the surface of the laminate can become swollen due to the damage caused by water. Of course, waterproof laminate floors are available on the market but if you have laminate floors already installed without water-proofing or spill-proofing then using sealants you can waterproof your flooring now.

Yes, it is an easy DIY task! Read on to know the steps.

How to protect laminate flooring from water damage

The easiest method to save your laminate flooring from water damage is to install waterproof laminate floorboards. But if it is not possible as you already have the flooring installed then you can use polyurethane.

Coat the surface of the laminate flooring with polyurethane to protect it from any damage. It will also help in covering the gaps between the floorboards.

Before applying the coat of polyurethane on the floor, don’t sand the top layer of the laminate floorboards because the top layer is the resin layer which enhances the beauty of your floor.

The resin layer will not let the polyurethane coat adhere to the surface property, in that case, apply the coat two to three times.

Always remember to let each coat dry before applying the next coat.

Use laminate flooring sealant to fill the gaps

Laminate floorboards use a locking system for installation. A gap is created between two floorboards when fitting the flooring. This gap needs to be filled to save the flooring from any damage that water can cause.

Laminate flooring sealant is the best option because it does not glue the gaps permanently so when there is any need to repair or remove a floorboard in future, you can easily do that.

When you apply a flooring sealant you will have to be quick as it gets hard very fast. You also need to clean the area as soon as you finish the work so you don’t end up with lumps of dried sealant on the surface.

You can check the manufacturer guide for the recommended sealant that can be used so that you can avoid using any sealant option that is not compatible with your type of flooring.

If the sealant is rigid then it won’t expand or contract with humidity and temperature changes. In that case, your flooring can splinter.

Use silicone caulk to make laminate moisture resistant 

You can use silicone caulk to seal the expansion gaps and make the flooring water resistant. This will ensure that moisture does not end up leaking to the floorboards.

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Why you must use sealants for laminate floors

There are many reasons why you must apply sealants on your flooring. Yes, of course, it protects the floor from water or moisture damage.

It ensures to protect your floors from any spills, especially in the spaces like bathroom and kitchen, where leakage of water can damage the subfloor. So for spill protection, go for it.

Sealant is not very expensive and hence it can be used without worrying about your budget. But before using a sealant ensure that you are using the one recommended by the manufacturer. Also, make sure that your floor will not become slippery after using it.

Hope it has been a good read. If you have any queries regarding the laminate flooring sealant or any other floor accessories, do let us in the comments below.

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