Tried and Tested Carpet Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

Tried and Tested Carpet Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

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A well-maintained carpet will have a prolonged life span. Properly maintained carpets do not have the wears and tears that can easily ruin the entire carpets, giving them an entirely new look despite how long they have been in use. Do you desire a stain-free, tear-free, impeccable looking carpet? Our London carpet cleaning experts have some tips that help us maintain the longevity of carpets, and we have compiled some of those tips for you. They include;

  1. Do not rub the stains on the carpet

Carpets are bound to get stained. However, there are other ways to eliminate these stains asides rubbing them harshly in a bid to get them off completely. In fact, according to experts, rubbing harshly at surface dirt on carpets is the easiest way to get the stains deeper into the carpet fibre.

Here is how experts handle a sudden carpet stain; First, do not panic as the harsh rubbing is usually a reflex reaction borne out of panic. In a bid to immediately get out whatever stain your carpet might have sustained, you might do more harm to your carpet. Do not panic. Next, for a liquid stain, get a dry cloth and soak up the excess liquid from the carpet with the application of little pressure. For a solid stain, use a wide spoon to get rid of the excesses. Then, there are some essential products that every expert cleaner keeps handy to remove stains. Get the required one depending on the nature of your stain.

Here are some essential products for the removal of some stains;

  • Wet wipes: To remove barely visible spots on the carpet
  • Soda water: Eliminate stains from wine or coloured drinks
  • Hydrogen peroxide: 1 spoonful of this dissolved in a glass of water can serve multi-stain removal purposes. Ensure that you use it lightly as it has a whitening effect
  • Detergents: Also, the usual dish detergent is a multi-purpose cleaning product.
  • Ammonia: Another multi-purpose cleaning agent
  • White vinegar: When mixed with water, you can eliminate stains from fruits and juice.
  • Soda bicarbonate: This can neutralise bad odour emanating from carpets.

With these products, you can easily eliminate stains. Ensure that you use them in small quantities as most of them have very strong effects.

2. Removing stuck gum from rugs

There is really no magic in getting rid of gums stuck in carpets. You can always call a professional to get it eliminated for you. However, we will share the secret with you for free. All you need are ice cubes. Surprised? Well, here is how it works; you simply stock a plastic bag with lots of ice cubes and place the bag on the stuck gum. After about 2-3 minutes, the gum will get frozen, and can easily be wholly plucked out from the carpet with your hand. Magic done!

3. Removing hair from the carpet

If you have pets, then you must be used to seeing a lot of hairs on the carpets. Pet’s hairs are easier to get rid of when they are long; a simple vacuum cleaning will fix this. However, the shorter hairs are more difficult to deal with as they can easily get buried in unreachable depths of the carpets, rendering the vacuum cleaners useless. Experts have an easy way of handling this; after using the vacuum cleaner, use the rubber edge of the window cleaner to run on the carpet fibres. This will get the hairs to quickly come off the carpets and stick to the rubber edge in no time.

4. The Carpet Wax stain removal technique

How do you get rid of wax stains on carpets? The old technique of using newspapers and iron can easily go wrong with the slightest mistake and trust us, you do not want this to happen. There is a more efficient way to eliminate this stain from the carpet;

If the amount of wax is large, use an ice cube to make it faster. The ice cubes will freeze the wax and prevent its rapid spread. Use a spoon to remove the frozen wax. Avoid using wax removers as the inks in this can stain the carpet. Instead, use a clean cloth, and place it on the smelted wax. Heat the iron considerably. Modern carpets cannot stand high temperature, so to avoid melting your entire carpet, do not let the heat exceed 50 degrees. Then with little pressure, smooth the clean cloth on the wax to seep the melting wax into the cloth. If full, change the cloth.

Bonus tip

The secret to a durable carpet is in the maintenance. Every now and then, your carpet needs to know the touch of a professional cleaner. Our cleaners at Ryan Carpet Cleaning are always ready to take on a carpet cleaning job, regardless of the type of building.

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